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Group Dog Walks

Our group dog walks are part of PawsitiveWalks dog walking services provided by Jen, our local dog walker, in the areas of Hither Green, Ladywell and Catford in South East London. Offering dog walking services five days a week (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 5.30pm, our group dog walking services are scheduled according to the number of requests for the service.


*Do not feel discourage if your area is not mentioned, just get in touch and we will check availability to ensure that your pooch is covered. 

Weekends or evening upon request and subject to availability.*

Our dog walker takes on average 2 to 3 dogs at a time during our group dog walks. An absolute maximum of 4 dogs can be taken at the same time, subject to dog walkers approval.

why group dog walks

PawsitiveWalks group dog walks are a great opportunity to socialise your dog in a safe and controlled environment. In the attentive eyes of our dog walker, your dog will have the chance to play, interact, exercise and mingle with other people, places and dogs, allowing your pooch to learn what behaviours are acceptable by humans and by the fellow furry friends. And because we practise basic positive training - which aims to redirect unwanted behaviour to positive behaviour by rewarding your dog when acting correctly - your pooch will grow confident, relaxed and happy, resulting in a stronger bond and a better relationship between you and your dog.


is my dog a good fit for group dog walks

There are plenty of reasons why your dog would fit a pack and love our group dog walks. It is a misconception that your dog has to be the perfect dog with special K9 training, to be able to enjoy the company of a pack. Dogs that are playful and energetic tend to adjust quite nicely (as chasing another 2/3 doggies requires a lot of liveliness) or curious and attentive (as more receptive of meeting other people and dogs, which helps with the interaction).

If you have a reactive dog that is enjoying our one-on-one dog walks to help increase its confidence and redirect its misbehaviour, exposing to a group dog walk will help your pooch to the socialisation needed to encourage the correct behaviour – which in the long term, will result in a balanced and happy dog.

The point is, our group dog walks are a great opportunity for any dog, reactive or not, to socialise with other canine friends, to explore new senses within a pack, to learn the ‘accepted’ doggy behaviour. So whether your dog is a socialite, a hyperactive, or a calmer one, our dog walks are prepared to accommodate the requirements of your pooch. Our local dog walker will only introduce your dog to a pack that has the same energy levels and balanced manners, to ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and confident at all times.


group dog walks agenda

PawsitiveWalks does not have a fixed schedule for our group dog walks, as this service is dependable on the number of requests. Our dog walker arranges the dog walks into 60 minutes slots (minimum) and according to the dogs traits (energy level, size and behaviour), slots of 90 to 120 minutes might be recommended.

to understand the process of starting using our dog walking services, please read our 7 stages of 'pawfect walkies' guide

practice safety

Although many dog walkers walk between 4 to 8 dogs at a time, at PawsitiveWalks, we are not keen on that approach. Yes, it is profitable – the more the merrier, right? But what about the safety of your pet?

PawsitiveWalks values are of honesty, reliability and responsibility, and it is our duty to ensure that your dog is safe, relaxed and happy at all times. Hence the reason why our dog walker tends to take only 2 to 3 dogs in our group dog walks. This way, the dog walker can always monitor the dogs, ensuring a controlled and safe environment for your pooch. Occasionally, the group dog walk will consist of 4 dogs (normally when there’s 2 or more dogs from the same household), but NEVER, at any given time, will the group dog walk have more than 4 dogs for one dog walker only.


using basic positive training

As you may know, PawsitiveWalks practices basic positive training in all our services, and our group dog walks are no different. Our local dog walker, Jen, will use basic positive training to redirect any unwanted behaviours that your dog may have (such as barking at other dogs, pulling the lead, rough play, etc) to positive behaviour. When in the pack, all dogs are under the close supervision of our dog walker and any misbehaviour will be corrected immediately. And when your dog is displaying balanced and positive behaviour, our dog walker will reward his behaviour by giving something your dog loves, normally a healthy treat - but could be praises, play time or favourite toy.

Take the time to read our basic positive training page, as it could give you useful information to guide you with the continuous training at home and, consequently, helping your dog to achieve a confident and balance state of mind that will allow him to live happily.

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