Dog Walker and Dog Sitter Costs in Hither Green

PawsitiveWalks Prices

If you are wondering how much a dog walker and sitter costs, especially in the areas of Hither Green, Ladywell, Lewisham and Catford in South East London, then you are in the correct page.

Here you can find a list of all services provided by PawsitiveWalks, such as dog walking and dog sitting, with our detailed prices.

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dog walking

group dog walks

60 min - £13

90 min - £18

for additional dogs

from same household


60 min - £10

90 min - £15

one-on-one dog walks

60 min - £16

90 min - £22

120 min - £28

weekends & evenings (6pm-8pm)

upon request and subject to availability


60 min - £22

dog sitting

30 min - £8

per hour - £13

weekends & evenings (6pm-8pm)

upon request and subject to availability


weekend rate - £16

puppy visits

30 min - £10

per hour - £14

weekends & evenings (6pm-8pm)

upon request and subject to availability


weekend rate - £18

*by using our services you agree to our Terms and Conditions*

NOTE: We recommend that you provide your dog’s treats for the duration of the dog walk so that we can practice basic positive training efficiently. If no treats are provided, we will charge an extra £1 to cover the expenses of our recommended natural dog treats per service.

contract and payment:

At PawsitiveWalks, all services are done under the approval of a signed agreement. The contract will state the type of service required and the owners information. Both this agreement and the questionnaire will serve as proof that the service was requested (e.g. dog hasn’t been taken by force) and when required for us to enter the property, that the Client is aware and approved of such. 

All our Services are billed according to the frequency of the service. For cases where the service is on a regular basis, PawsitiveWalks provides monthly invoices; and for an one-off service we will provide the bill on the day of the service.

*All invoices shall be paid by the date stated on the invoice, otherwise, penalty charges may be applied.

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