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Dog Walking

PawsitiveWalks provides dog walking services in South East London, more specifically, in the areas of Hither Green, Ladywell and Catford. With dog walks available five days a week (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 5.30pm, we strive to offer the best dog walk to your pet.


*Do not feel discourage if your area is not mentioned, just get in touch and we will check availability to ensure that your pooch is covered. 

Weekends or evening upon request and subject to availability.*

We believe that taking a dog walking is more than just wondering around in the streets or local park. The goal of walking a dog is to create and fortify the bond between the dog and owner (or in this case, the dog walker or handler). The stronger the bond the more confident your dog will be, and a confident dog is a dog that will see you as the leader - trusting you to keep him safe and guide him through troubled feelings. This will give your dog the balance to enjoy itself as a dog (to experience the world, smell and play) but also to trust your commands.

To help your dog achieve this perfect balance, we practice basic positive training in all the services offered by PawsitiveWalks. Learn more about basic positive training, a great tool that reinforces positive behaviour that results in a balanced happy dog.

one-one-one dog walk

our solo walks offer a much-tailored experience to your dog! Normally chosen by owners who wish to correct certain behaviours or traits, the one-on-one walks allow the dog walker to provide specific individual training.

group dog walk

our regular group dog walks give your dog the chance to socialise and play with other dogs. In a supervised environment, your dog will experience in first-hand the instinct of being part of a balanced pack.

dog walks agenda

All our dog walks are arranged into 60 minutes slots minimum – although depending on the dogs behaviour and/or size, PawsitiveWalks might recommend slots of 90 to 120 minutes.


how does it work

PawsitiveWalks offers reliable and trustworthy services where the safety and wellbeing of your dog is at the forefront of what we do. To put your mind at rest, PawsitiveWalks have detailed all 7 stages of when starting your ‘pawfect walkies’ journey with us:

  1. Meet and Great

Prior to any business contract with PawsitiveWalks, a free first meeting will be arranged in a local park or public space. The goal of the meeting is to introduce the dog to the dog walker, and vice-versa. The meeting normally lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, and we recommend you bringing your dog’s favourite treats.

  1. Understanding your dog’s needs and behaviour

With your help and insight, the dog walker will get to know and understand what makes your dog tick; what habits and/or behaviours your dog has that you wish to correct (if any). It will also be the perfect opportunity to analyse the level of energy and how social your pooch is.

  1. We take the lead

When your dog has made acquaintance with the dog walker, and you are feeling confident in passing over the lead, our dog walker will take charge of the walk. This will be the perfect opportunity to bond with the dog and will incite your dog to trust her for their future walks.

  1. Approval

The dog walker will show you how basic positive training works, and how your dog can benefit from it. Once you are comfortable with the approach taken to handling the dog, and your approval has been given we can start arranging the type of service required for dog walking.

  1. Complete Questionnaire

You will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire. This will ensure that the dog walker has all the information needed to proceed with the arrangement (e.g contact information, known commands, dog’s temperament, off lead or not, allergies, type of treat, etc).

  1. One-on-one or Group dog walks

We offer two types of dog walking services: one-on-one dog walks (solo) and group walks. The dog walker can help you choose which type of walk is most suitable for your dog, in accordance to your dog’s habits and behaviours. To put your mind at ease, no dog starts straight away with group dog walks. The dog walker will always request at least two one-on-one dog walks to fully understand your dog’s traits and sociability, before introducing your dog to a pack.

  1. Contract and Payment

You will be asked to sign a copy of the contract, where it states the type of service required by PawsitiveWalks; the type of dog walk selected and how often the service is required for; your contact information and detailed information on the dog (e.g breed, vet information, microchip number); information about PawsitiveWalks, such as areas that we cover and the type of insurance covered by the business.

All payments must be made by the date on the invoice, otherwise penalty charges may apply.

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collecting and delivering your dog

Jen, the local dog walker, will collect your dog on foot from your home or office (within the areas covered) at the time agreed. The dog will then get plenty of exercise and play in the local park until it is time to go home again. Once at home, Jen will make sure that there’s fresh water and attend any feeding or medication requests you might have. All wet dogs are towelled down prior to entering your property (just leave towels in a dedicated area).


in the park

Since Jen is local, it is likely that she knows most of the dogs in the park, so your dog will be able to interact and socialise with other furry friends. Your dog can go off-lead, if owner has provided written consent and the dog walker is confident that the dog will respond to the commands given (once the bond between dog walker and dog is strong).

Your dog is supervised at all times, and with consistent walks and interaction, your dog will feel secure, confident and relaxed. With our basic positive training, which aims to reinforce positive behaviour, your dog will be able to happily interact with other dogs without the strains of feeling fear, anxiety or aggression.

a tired dog is a happy dog
pawsitivewalks perks

We understand how nerve-racking it is for the owner to relax at work while your mind is with your dog: how is he doing, is he enjoying, is he behaving, etc. To give you the peace of mind you deserve, occasionally (or upon request) we will send you photos, videos and GPS tracking information of your dog’s walk – so you can delight in your dog’s happiness.


trustworthy service

We understand that for most dog owners, allowing a stranger into your home and handle your most precious furry friend can be daunting, but at PawsitiveWalks we deliver the most safe, trustworthy and hassle-free service, where your pooch is handled with the greatest love and care as one of our own pets. We also guarantee the safeguard of your home keys and treat your home with the upmost respect. 

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