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One-on-One Dog Walks

PawsitiveWalks one-on-one dog walks (also known as solo dog walks) offer a much-tailored service by Jen, the dog walker, in the areas of Hither Green, Ladywell and Catford in South East London. Our services are available five days a week (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 5.30pm.


*Do not feel discourage if your area is not mentioned, just get in touch and we will check availability to ensure that your pooch is covered. 

Weekends or evening upon request and subject to availability.*

why one-on-one dog walks

Our solo dog walks are a great opportunity to allow some alone time between our dog walker and your pooch. Since it is an individual dog walk, your furry friend experiences undivided attention and with basic positive training reward method, your dog comes to understand positive behaviour in no time. Your dog will learn how to stay calm and confident, which will help to keep focus on the dog walker and her instructions. With regular dog walks, your pooch will start to understand that good things happen (like praise, healthy treats, favourite toy or play game) when well-behaving.

all doggies on board

Our one-on-one dog walks are appropriate for any type of dog – a shy or social dog, a hyperactive or lazy dog, a reactive or calm dog. In fact, it doesn’t really matter - as the aim of our solo dog walk is to, besides exercising your dog, to guide and train him to become a confident, relaxed and balanced dog.

The most common thing said between dog owners when it comes to dog walking services is that “I have a senior dog!”. Yes, and? Your old friend needs as much stimulation, interaction and socialisation as the next doors puppy. Indeed, your dog may have become slower and less energetic with time, but it is guaranteed that your long time canine friend will enjoy a calm and relaxed dog walk, and our one-on-one dog walks are perfect for this.

Our dog walker has the experience needed to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. Being able to adjust the pace, duration and trail to best accommodate your pooch.

one-on-one dog walks agenda

Our one-one-one dog walks services are flexible. Our dog walker will arrange a 60 minute slot (minimum) when it best suits you and your dog. However, slots of 90 and 120 minutes might be recommended depending on your dog’s energy levels, size and behaviour.

For one-on-one dog walks requested specifically to correct unwanted behaviours, because the walk will be interrupted as often as your dog displays good behaviour, we recommend longer walks – so that your dog can still get the exercise needed while being stimulated for good manners.

for more details of how we proceed prior to any dog walking services arrangements, read our detailed guide of 7 stages of 'pawfect walkies'.

pick up and drop off

Jen, the local dog walker, will collect your dog on foot from your home or office (within the areas covered) at the time agreed. The dog will then get plenty of exercise and play in the local park until it is time to go home again. Once at home, Jen will make sure that there’s fresh water and attend any feeding or medication requests you might have. All wet dogs are towelled down prior to entering your property (just leave towels in a dedicated area).


benefits of basic positive training

PawsitiveWalks strongly believes that practising basic positive training allows your dog to grow its confidence and the trust with its handler (owner or dog walker). Truth in the matter is, we have witnessed many dogs, with unwanted behaviours, becoming a more relaxed, balanced and happy dog.

The goal of basic positive training is to redirect any unwanted behaviours into positive behaviours, through the reward method. Every time your dog does something positive the dog walker will reward him, and with time, your dog will understand that this is the behaviour wanted, resulting in good things. The key to success is to repeat, repeat, repeat as many times as its needed until the dog is aware of its positive cycle. This said, PawsitiveWalks wants to ensure that you do not confuse our basic positive training as a strict or confrontational method. For added peace of mind, read our basic positive training page to find more details.


on-going work

It is important that, once your dog has started the ‘pawfect walkies’ journey with PawsitiveWalks, especially with the aim of correcting unwanted behaviours, that the training is carried out at home.

Providing the same guidance of the dog walker in your family environment, will help maintain a consistent and constant reminder to your dog of what is acceptable behaviour – helping your dog to reach a relaxed and balance state quicker. It will also help to fortify the existing bond between you and your dog and your family and friends, resulting in a much happier life together.

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